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Tank Suction Strainers
(Series TS)


Tank Suction (TS) strainers are designed to provide a minimum open area of 200%. They feature a smooth concentric reducer and anti-vortexing vanes/stiffeners to maximize flow efficiency. While they can be furnished with a flanged connection, they are typically welded to the end of a pipe and suspended in a tank or reservoir. Their primary purpose is to protect pumps from potentially damaging particles.

Standard Materials:
  A234 WPB standard weight concentric reducer
14 ga. carbon steel anti-vortexing vanes
1/4" thick carbon steel top and bottom support plates
4 mesh, .063" diameter wire, type 304 stainless steel support screen
Denotes Required Specifying Information    
  Strainer Style (i.e. TS)
  Connecting line size and schedule
Denotes Optional Information    
  Alternate reducer and vane material
  Alternate mesh (Click here to see available sizes & picture)
  Perforated plate alternative (Click here to see available sizes & picture)
  Marking or tagging requirements
  Alternate dimensions
  Special QA, traceability or paperwork requirements (e.g. CMTR's)
  Oxygen cleaning (click here to see Mack Iron cleaning capabilities)
  Pressure drop information (click here for required pressure drop information)


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