ASME B16.48 Ring Joint Male
Spectacle Blinds - Single Blinds - Ring Spacers

Spectacle Blind
  A combination of a Single Blind and a Ring Spacer fabricated, for field convenience, as a single unit. Weight limitations and the associated difficulty of handling heavy pieces in the field are the primary considerations in specifying a Spectacle or Figure 8 Blind over separate components.

Single Blind
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  A positive shut-off device normally installed adjacent to, or in conjunction with, a valve. Their purpose is to prevent accidental flow through a pipeline or into a vessel.

Ring Spacer
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  API 590 Designed Ring Spacers are bored to the outside diameter diameter of pipe and are of the same thickness as the Single Blind it replaces.

ndard Finish: Gasket = 63 AARH finish. Facing = 125 AARH lathe finish
Denotes Required Speciyfing Information
  Product Name / Description (i.e. Spectacle Blind, Single Blind, Ring Spacer)
  Nominal Pipeline size (e.g. 10")
  Adjacent flange class and type (e.g. 150# RF, MSS SP-44 (if using ANSI B16.47, specify series A or B)

RJ - For use with Ring Joint flanges

  Material of construction (e.g. carbon steel, stainless steel - or it may be specific e.g. SA516 Gr. 70, A240 Type 304 S.S.)
Denotes Optional Information    
  Alternate Gasket Surface/Finish (click here to see available gasket surface finishes)
  Special Dimensions
  Corrosion Allowance
  Special marking or tagging requirements
  Special QA, traceability or paperwork requirements (e.g. CMTR's)
  Oxygen cleaning (click here to see Mack Iron cleaning capabilities)