Mack Iron's in-house drafting department, using AutoCAD R14 and AutoCAD LT 2000, can turn your design ideas into accurate fabrication and installation drawings. In addition to paper copies ranging from A to D size, AutoCAD drawings can be exported directly over the web in a variety of formats for viewing in many different applications.
DWF file format
Drawings exported in this format can be viewed with any web browser and the WHIP! plug-in (the WHIP! plug-in allows for dynamic zoom and pan capabilities). DWF files are highly compressed 2D vector files.
DXF file format
AutoCAD drawings exported in the DXF format can be read by other cad systems and programs. Using the DXF format, parts of a larger drawing can be exported separately, allowing for quick review of customer changes to small parts of a drawing.
DWG format
All AutoCAD drawings are saved in this format, and can be sent to customers over the web. AutoCAD is requried to read drawings in this format.
WMF format
AutoCAD drawings can be saved as a Windows metafile (WMF). These files contain screen vector graphics and raster graphics formats. WMF file drawings can be used with a wide variety of applications.
BMP format
Drawings created in AutoCAD can be saved as a bitmap image (BMP). These images can be viewed and printed just as any other BMP file.